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“Intent to RFC”

So I encountered this email that said “This org’s RFC process starts with an “Intent to RFC.” In the example email, there was an RFC linked.

I then asked the question “Why would you send an “intent to RFC” along with an RFC?”

Apparently, sending the RFC isn’t required with the intent. However, it allows reviewers to read the RFC ahead of the meeting. I admit, this is good.

But I still wonder if “intent to RFC” is a good term to use. Because intent, means “resolved or determined to do” which means one is “determined to write” an RFC. But if you send the RFC, you’ve already written it. You’re not intending to write it because it is written. Intending to do it implies you haven’t already done it.

Or perhaps in this case, because there’s a meeting involved, the intent here isn’t for the writing part but for the meeting part.

Am I the only one struggling with this?

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