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Git Submodules and Git Squashing

I've been using git submodules lately to manage plugins for Jekyll. Today I pulled my Jekyll project to my other laptop and noticed that the submodules that I added weren't pulled down.

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The road to good potatoes

I've been scaling back a little bit. In the last few weeks, I've been going out a lot, eating out a lot, drinking, etc. You can imagine how cost effective I wasn't being. I don't like spending constantly so I've scaled back in spending money which means I've spent a fair bit of time cooking my meals.

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Flasking Continues.

There was one point in time where I really wanted to learn Python. I was reading a book on it and I never really got around to actually finishing the book. Then a Python developer came into my life. I had the chance to work with him and see his code and was fascinated by the simplicity of Python, but I think to be more fair, with Flask.

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