Creating a ManyToMany relationship in EBean

I struggled with this for so long. For awhile, I was trying to use two models to accomplish the same thing and after much Googling and StackOverflow, I finally came to a much simpler solution.

Basically, I have an assets table, list table, and a list_entities table (which is the bridge table between assets and list). The goal is to be able to create a list of assets.

Once I understand what I'm doing more, I'll come back and write down my notes on this. For now though, I know that I'm telling eBean to use the bridge table to join the list and assets together and I'm mapping each column in the bridge table.

I don't have any explanation more in-depth than that.

Play and Ebean

Here’s a great video if you really need to get started. I knew how to do all of it but I couldn’t figure out why play.db.ebean.* wasn’t resolving. It turned out that I just needed to run play idea again.

Here’s a pretty good run through of getting started. It helped me get the gist so I figure it’s useful. It does assume that you know a bit of Java (which in itself, isn’t too hard to figure out).

Wordpress is Ugly

WordPress is useful for a lot of companies and clients because it provides an easy interface to update their website in. If you’re bootstrapped on time and budget, WordPress can get the job done without too much work. A lot of companies request their sites be build on this for this very reason.

However, the structure of their theme building pains me as a developer. I just haven’t found a good way of organizing it. I wish WordPress, in a development aspect, would catch up with the times.